Health Benefits of Cilantro

Cilantro has many health benefits. The leaves of this plant are delicate and lacy in appearance. It is an aromatic herb with wide range of uses. It is an aromatic herb when added to dishes, adds fantastic flavour, and it originates from Mediterranean countries.  Cilantro is also known as coriander leaves, and has a pungent smell. It is widely used in Mexican, Indian and Thai dishes.


Health benefits of cilantro – Cilantro leaves are very low in calories and does not contain cholesterol. They contain antioxidants, fiber, vitamins and can lower LDL Cholesterol.  The leaves and stem of cilantro are citrus in nature and has cleansing properties within the human body. When cilantro becomes part of diet, it can remove heavy metals from the body.


In ancient days, cilantro was used in perfumes. It was also used to remove the smell of raw meat. Besides these, cilantro leaves have disease fighting properties. When Cilantro leaves are used in dishes, the amount of salt can be reduced. This simply means that it can reduce the sodium intake.


Cilantro is also a rich in minerals like Potassium, Calcium, Manganese iron and magnesium. The potassium in it helps regulate heart rate and blood pressure. Manganese is used as a cofactor for the antioxidant enzyme, Superoxide Dismutase. Iron is essential for red blood cell production in the body. Therefore, it helps to prevent anaemia.


Besides minerals, Cilantro is also rich in many Vitamins. The Vitamins include Vitamin A, B complex and Vitamin C and Vitamin K. Vitamin C is a powerful antioxidant. Vitamin K helps to improve the bone structure. In patients with Alzheimer’s disease, it helps to reduce the amount of neuronal damage.


Heavy metals like mercury that can reach our body through various foods can be damaging to our body. Cilantro is one of the few herbs that can help eliminate heavy metals from the body.


This herb is also prevents kidney stone formation as it is a natural diuretic. When taken internally, Cilantro juice can reduce the amount of lipid peroxides in the body. Perhaps, that is one reason why Cilantro is an essential ingredient for body detox.


As an herb, this miracle leaf improves digestion in the body. It helps to keep the blood alkaline. Marinating alkalinity of the blood is important as our blood is slightly alkaline in nature. Cilantro also reduces eye disorders and macular degeneration.

Benefits of Cilantro

The leaves of Cilantro help to improve digestion and detoxify liver. It is widely believed that the use of Cilantro in food reduces flatulence. Eating Cilantro improves the peristaltic movement through oesophagus.
Cilantro can be added to salads, stir fries and soups. Its seeds are typically dried and powdered and used in many dishes across the world. Make Cilantro part of your healthy diet and gain the numerous health benefits.